Actress Dina DiCostanzo

“Jeff Award nominee Dina DiCostanzo… has fine-tuned her acting chops enough for some very discriminating critics to take notice, including Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune, who called her ‘quirky, droll, empathetic and nimble on her feet.’ That’s quite a collision of star qualities, but her talents only begin there: DiCostanzo can also sing and dance (making her the proverbial ‘triple threat’ in stage parlance), and has a flair for comedy as well.”


Sweeney Todd: “The dance is subtle, the dance is smooth, DiCostanzo choreographs all the right moves”

Sweeney Todd: “The whole thing was terribly ghoulish, Father, a veritable freak show, thanks to Michael Weber’s imaginative direction and Dina DiCostanzo’s choreography. “

The Wild Party: “The production features energetic choreography by Dina DiCostanzo that is a mix of FOSSE as well as THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE (which is to say it is jazzy, exuberant and Broadway caliber).”

Anything Goes: “They were savvy enough to hire Choreographer Dina DiCostanzo to put the large cast through their taps and twirls..”  “DiCostanzo’s frothy choreography is a genuine highlight.”

“Pert, energetic, singer/dancer/comic actress Dina DiCostanzo”

42nd Street

“I heard many intakes of breath as Dina DiCostanzo’s Anytime Annie and the rest of Mader’s stellar ensemble tapped up another storm…”

“Leggy Dina DiCostanzo is full of spice as lead dancer Annie…”

“The stunning Dina DiCostanzo is fabulous as chorus line lead, Annie.”

Animal Crackers

“add plenty of sparks to the proceedings; Dina DiCostanzo and John Scherer, in particular, score extra points sailing through their kinetic tap routine…”

“Dina DiCostanzo moved effortlessly between the debutante Arabella Rittenhouse and money-hungry Mrs. Whitehead…”

“DiCostanzo is arduous and has a lovely voice for “Three Little Words.” The pair have a natural easy going chemistry that really floats their love right along with the rest of the story.”